If you spend between 50 and 60 hours each week in bed

It’s important to equip with a quality mattress

Most people don’t realize how much time they spend in their beds. The average American spends between 50 and 60 hours each week in bed! With so much time spent in your bed, it’s important to equip your bed with a quality mattress. Low quality mattresses can bring uneven sleep cycles, or deny you restful sleep altogether. Is your mattress over five years old? It may be time to switch to a new mattress. 在床垫 & 家具 清算人, we believe that high quality mattresses can also be discount mattresses in 劳德代尔堡. You need restful sleep, but you also need great mattress prices. When you shop with us, you can have both!

在床垫 & 家具 清算人, we buy and sell high-quality discount mattresses from top manufactures. In our Lauderhill showroom, you’ll find all the bells and whistles of the retail experience, minus the high price tags! Our showroom is filled with wall to wall mattresses, furniture, and even home décor items. When you visit our showroom, you’ll be sure to receive quality customer service alongside affordable prices. Because we buy and sell quickly, we’re able to pass our incredible savings along to you, 客户! Our brand name mattresses are available for 50-80% off of retail prices!

When people think about discount mattresses, they typically think about bargain brand mattresses made from unknown manufactures. In these situations, while you may be receiving a low price, 你也, 不幸的是, receiving low quality. When you shop with our experts at 床垫 & 家具 清算人, you’ll never have to compromise high quality for a low price. You can enjoy high-quality mattresses at low prices. We work with the top, name-brand mattresses from quality manufacturers such as Simmons Beautyrest, 希利, 舒达, 斯登 & Foster, and even Tempur-Pedic. We carry classic innerspring mattresses of varying designs, along with modern memory foam options.

A high-quality mattress can help you unlock the deep, restful sleep you may have been missing. 在床垫 & 家具 清算人, we only carry high-quality discount mattresses which we would happily use ourselves! All of our products are brand new and in pristine condition. 事实上, the only way you can tell that you’re looking at discount mattresses is by looking at the price tag. Our showroom is the ideal spot to go mattress shopping, you can test out our mattresses to see which type of bed will be the best solution for your sleep.

Are you ready to start enjoying nights of deep, restful sleep? The solution is in your mattress! If your mattress is over five years old, or if it’s feeling lumpy and misshapen, it’s time to start shopping for a new one. Instead of driving from store to store to try out different brand name mattresses, stop by our showroom to see top quality mattresses at rock bottom prices! Restful sleep is important to productive workdays and a generally positive disposition. Don’t let your old mattress rob you of the restful sleep you deserve. Stop by our showroom at 5145 N University Drive in Lauderhill today.

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